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Cologne - Midnite Legend - 50mL

Cologne - Midnite Legend - 50mL


Midnight Legend is dark, intriguing and alluring.  With a blend of notes that are both classic and contemporary. It has a bright and invigorating quality, with top notes that are both fruity and zesty.


The heart of the fragrance is rich and complex, with a floral and earthy undertone that adds depth and sophistication to the scent. The base notes are warm and grounding, with a subtle sweetness that creates a sense of comfort and familiarity.


The overall effect is a fragrance that creates both a sense of mystery, sedution, and adventure, making it perfect for a legendary man who wants to leave a lasting impression and keep people guessing about his next move.


Top:  Pineapple, black currant, bergamot, apple

Middle:  Birch, patchouli, jasmine, rose

Bottom:  Musk, oakmoss, ambrggis, vanilla

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