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Pink Sugar Texture

SugarKiss Lip Scrubz

Introducing SugarKiss: Your Ticket to Lip Lovin' Luxury!

  • Sugar Rush: Our secret weapon? Sugar, sweetie! These tiny crystals are your lip's best friend, gently sweeping away dullness and leaving behind a luscious canvas.

  • Moisture Magic: We're not just about sugar, though. Jojoba and MCT oils swoop in like lip superheroes, ensuring your pout stays as smooth as silk, without the greasy drama.

  • Cocoa Butter Dream: The fragrance of cocoa butter? It's like giving your lips a little chocolatey love tap. It's lip exfoliation with a hint of dessert – guilt-free!

  • Vanilla Mint Flavor: Our signature vanilla mint flavor is like a refreshing breeze for your lips, adding a delightful twist to your lip scrub experience.

  • Vitamin E Brilliance: We're all about that TLC (Tender Lip Care). Vitamin E? It's like a cozy blanket for your lips, shielding them from the world's harsh kisses.

  • Tinted Temptation: Our mineral magic – titanium dioxide and iron oxide – gives your lips a natural, alluring tint. Hello, Instagram-worthy pout!

SugarKiss Lip Scrub: Where exfoliation meets indulgence, and your lips become the main attraction. Get ready to pucker up with perfection!

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