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Fragrance Balm -Cherrywood Pulse - 14.7g (.5 oz)

Fragrance Balm -Cherrywood Pulse - 14.7g (.5 oz)


This perfume is a captivating blend that begins with a bright and juicy sour cherry note, creating a vibrant and refreshing opening. The sour cherry is complemented by the warm and exotic aroma of saffron, adding a spicy and luxurious touch to the fragrance. As the scent develops, notes of osmanthus and olive emerge, adding a floral and fruity richness that is both elegant and intriguing. The base notes of apricot and woody smoke provide a smoky and woodsy undertone, adding depth and sophistication to the overall composition. This perfume is a modern and unique fragrance that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Soybean Oil, Candelilla Wax, Fragrance, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Silica.

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