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Royal Perfume -Fantôme Noir - 50 mL

Royal Perfume -Fantôme Noir - 50 mL


Fantôme Noir, a bewitching elixir, awakens the senses with its tantalizing fusion of forbidden indulgences. Delve into the depths of desire as it weaves a spellbinding tapestry of dark chocolate, aged rum, and molten caramel, interlaced with the intoxicating allure of freshly brewed coffee and sugar cane nectar.

This enchanting fragrance is a journey into the heart of sophistication, where creamy sandalwood meets the velvety embrace of toasted almond and the delicate dance of heliotrope blossoms. Fantôme Noir embodies an irresistible mystique, a symphony of seductive elegance that lingers long after you've departed, a trail of pure, irresistible allure, leaving those in your wake enchanted and captivated.


T - Dark Chocolate, Rum, Caramel

M - Coffee, Sugar Cane

B - Sandalwood, almond, Heliotrope

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