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Room Spray - Spa Solstice - 100mL

Room Spray - Spa Solstice - 100mL


Spa Solstice is a rejuvenating fragrance that will enhance a relaxation spa experience. The fresh and invigorating pine spice and cold wet winter notes will awaken the senses, while the warm and comforting cedar wood, clove, and patchouli create a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. Overall, this fragrance is perfect for creating a serene and tranquil spa environment.


Simply position the spray nozzle towards the centre of the room and press the pump. A few sprays will leave your room smelling wonderful for hours.


Always spray away from the face and keep out of the reach of children and pets. For external use only. 


Do not swallow. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, take a glass of water or milk.  Highly flammable. Keep away from any form of heat, sparks, open flames and hot surfaces


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