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Royal Perfume  - Missing You - 50mL

Royal Perfume - Missing You - 50mL


"Missing You" is an elegant ode to pure sensuality, designed to make those around you long for your presence. It opens with a captivating blend of luminescent musk, vibrant bergamot, and soft jasmine, creating a warm and uplifting aura. Delicate cyclamen and Italian neroli form a feminine bouquet at its heart, intensifying the allure. The fragrance settles into a comforting embrace with Australian sandalwood, ivory wood, and white musk, leaving an irresistible trace of yearning and elegance that will have others missing you long after you've left their presence.


Top: Luminescent Musk, Vibrant Bergamont, Soft Jasmine

Middle: Delicate Cyclamen, Italian Neroli

Bottom: Australian Sandalwood, Ivory Wood

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