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Royal Perfume  - Opulence - 50mL

Royal Perfume - Opulence - 50mL


Immerse yourself in the alluring symphony of "Opulence," where a captivating blend of roses, peonies, and powdered musk dances harmoniously with the subtle notes of fresh air, zesty citrus, and lavender fields. A fragrance that exudes flirtatious allure and undeniable sensuality, with a top layer of enchanting rose, peony, and geranium, a heart of invigorating lavender, citrus, and freshness, and a base of warm musk, ozone, and soft woods. Elevate your senses to a realm of opulence and let the irresistible allure unfold.


Top:  Rose, Peony, Geranium
Middle:  Lavender, Citrus, Fresh
Bottom:  Musk, Ozone, Soft Woods

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