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Royal Perfume  - PomeSanté Spark - 50mL

Royal Perfume - PomeSanté Spark - 50mL


PomeSanté Spark,' a symphony of sophistication and allure. Its overture commences with a lively crescendo of zesty lemon and mandarin, gracefully interwoven with a dash of tantalizing pink pepper.


In the heart, a sumptuous duet unfolds, as pomegranate and red currant engage in a dance of opulent fruity opulence, creating an irresistible sensory harmony.

The grand finale, a masterpiece of elegance, features the velvety embrace of creamy sandalwood and the lingering allure of musk. 'PomeSanté Spark' leaves an indelible mark, a fragrant legacy of refined indulgence that resonates in memory."

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